Can I call you Steve?

Everbody's favourite PM, Jean Chr├ętien, was present at the Liberal leadership vote this past weekend in Montreal. His time on stage was well spent by criticising current (and incompetent) PM, Stephen Harper.

Chr├ętien apparently got a lot of laughs out of the audience when he asked "Stephen, can I call you Steve, like George W.?", in reference to Dubya's affectionate nickname for the Canadian PM.

Before the last federal election, the Liberals told us to be wary of Harper's hidden agenda, and the Conservatives said "wtf?". Canadians have got to wake up and realize that the longer Harper stays in power, the closer we get to becoming America Jr.

First it was the decision to keep soldiers in Afghanistan at least until 2009. Then Harper gave $8 billion in military contracts out to provinces that voted for him. Thereafter, he was caught saying he doubted that Israel would bomb a UN post deliberately. This, desptite a UN report that said the peacekeepers called Israel 10 times within a 6 hour period asking them to halt the bombings. Harper's most recent gem was his decision to pussy out of the Kyoto Protocol.

Canada's recent shift from neutral to pro-Israeli shows another glimpse of the impending Americanization of Canada. Much like Bush, Harper is in bed with the Zionist lobby.

I can't wait to see what this hack has in store for the future. For your sake Canada, when the next election rolls around, vote for the other Stephen, Stephen Dion.


Leafs Beat Sabres, 4-1

Leafs Win, Sabres Lose

I must admit, I didn't expect the sabres to be this good. They have one loss all season, which was to the Thrashers in a shootout, and won 10 straight before that. Sure they made it to the semifinals last year, but so did Edmonton. Regardless, they'll be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs this year provided they don't lose their top 4 defensemen again.

As for the Leafs, they will make it to the playoffs, hammer Ottawa, and then bow out in the second round to the Devils. Tried, tested, and true.

The Maple Leafs used a three-goal second period to win for only the fifth time in 23 regular-season games in Buffalo since 1996

With the amount of Leaf fans that cross over the border to watch games in Buffalo, it's almost like a home game. I have no idea why the Leafs find it so hard to win in the city known for wings (why else would they be called Buffalo wings?).